Wire guides for moxon or cobweb

I have had a few emails now from people asking for STL files to print themselves some of the wire guides I have used on my disguised cobweb or my 20m wire moxon. So I have uploaded 3D printed wire guides for moxon or cobweb antennas in various different sizes for free download.

3D printed wire guide shown fitted to fishing pole

I have no idea what size tubes other people are using so I have made a set that covers poles from 7mm diameter up to 25mm diameter in 1mm increments.

Each size should grip about a half mm diameter smaller than design and expand about a half mm bigger diameter.

They are designed for M3 machine screws and I recommend using nyloc nuts so they can be nipped up enough to grip without over tightening.

The wire holes are 3.5mm diameter which is bigger than the tri rated wire I used on my 20m moxon so should be fine for most people. Of course you can easily run a brill through the hole if you are using very thick wire but be aware of making it too weak for such thick wire.

To print orientation below is best for strength and doesn’t need supports. I recommend PETG and print with several walls also for strength. I print mine basically as 100% walls so there isn’t actually any fill as such.

best orientation to 3D print the wire guides

Download the files from the link below


If you like them, I’m always up for a coffee…