Lightweight Yagi beam element mounting plate

In order to facilitate the building of my backpacking lightweight 144MHz 9 element DK7ZB yagi with a friend I came up with this reinforced plastic element mounting plate.

The primary idea behind it was that it would make it easy to accurately position elements in the right position along the boom and also ensure the elements were mounted nicely perpendicular to the boom. This was the sought after benefit for my build, ensuring all elements were nicely parallel to each other and in the same H plane. Also it would allow easy use of specific element mounting methods particular to my variation of a DK7ZB 144MHz long yagi beam design. The mounting plate is specifically designed to work with 20mm square section boom.

Here is the 3D design of the element mounting plate:
element mounting plateAnd a dimensional drawing for suitability to other yagi build applications:
yagi element mounting plate
For my beam (linked at top) I was able to use this to mount both parasitic elements and the custom driven element:
element in numbered location
finished DK7ZB match
The element mount plate has location ridges underneath to align perpendicular with the 20mm square boom and has a small central sighting hole to align with a marked up boom for element centreline positions:
element plate fitted
Two fixing holes are provided to fix the element mounting plate to the boom. They are sized for 3.2mm pop rivets but can be easily drilled out for other sized bolts or rivets. The element mounting clip holes provided can also be easily enlarged. They are supplied undersize for M3 deliberately so that an M3 bolt has to be screwed into them thus providing a precision centre aligning of the bolt and hence element clip mount.

Here is a video of the element mounting plates in action:

The clips have now been made available for other radio amateurs wishing to do a similar build in sets at