RSGB 144MHz UKAC 3rd May 2016

For this next session of the the UKAC series I decided to use an old site that was the site of my first ever 144MHz VHF contest when I entered the PW QRP contest with Kevin G1VDF. I chose to operate here as I was hoping to get back earlier as getting into bed at 1am on a work night was a bit late. The drive is slightly longer but it is a drive on site so packing away hopefully would be quicker.

Where I decided to set up was a little cramped and awkward to raise the mast on my own so it took longer than it could have. However I did manage to get all set up and on air a little before the kick off although with no real spare time for any photos this time.

I could hear some seriously strong stations giving me some interference so I tracked them down to check they weren’t in the field behind me or something similarly close. They weren’t but they did report I was giving them issues with splatter and sounded like I had far too much compression on my audio. This was the first time out for my new build of the BX-184 CQ caller which I suspected might be set too high in the mic. As I didn’t have the right tools with me to do anything about that I tried to cut down the overdriving by turning down the SSB mic gain down a fair way. This was said to help but not solve the issue completely, though I was receiving the complaining stations so strongly the signal reading never came off the ‘stop’ between their words even. I changed my operating frequency for a further 10KHz away from them to try and help.

Once under way activity was quite good as last time but generally although signals all seemed to be really big I didn’t really get as many more distant stations. I’d hoped to make use of the ON4KST chat like most do for finding multipliers but I was not getting any cell coverage to get online which was a shame. I did manage to find two new GI squares searching and pouncing though again missed some other ones. It’s tough to know how long to spend away from the running frequency searching and pouncing!
My QSO map for this contest:
144 UKAC 2016-05-03 map
My QSO count was 2nd highest and my claimed score put me in first place in the low power section. However it was close at the top and adjudication could easily scupper that:
144 UKAC 2016-04-05 claimed scores
The results came in quite quickly this time and I was pleased to see I was still top out of the 85 entries in AL section! I lost 5 QSOs for errors but luckily others lost some too and I stayed top:
144 UKAC 2016-04-05 final scores
Oh, and I was in bed by 11.45pm, result!

Full result list (PDF)