RSGB 144MHz UKAC 7th February 2017

Round two of the 144MHz UKAC series in 2017. This is the first year I have taken part from the start so I am intending to put a good effort in and hope I can continue to do well as I did in the end of 2016. Also now as part of a participating club team I feel it important to contribute as good a score as I can. This month we have the addition of Dave G4ASR adding his score as well as a few more of the club.

Anyway, business as usual and crack on. This is being written a month later as it has been a busy month for me with more bands and more jagi building, so memory of details is now faded. Activity was good for me which is essential as although I often do very well on QSO points based on basic points per km, the biased B2 bonus system makes it hard to stay ahead of those with those in good reach of the juicy 2000 point red squares. Anyway, soap box over all we can do is bash away and if I can get 3G signal try and find some mults on KST chat. recently I have had 3G access a few times and this contest may have been one of those. Even so I got the lowest bonus points in the top 3 places in my section.

My QSO map:
144MHz UKAC 2017-02-07 map
Claimed scores (top 10):
Claimed scores 144MHz UKAC Feb 2017
Final scores (top 10):
Final scores 144MHz UKAC Feb 2017
Full result list (PDF)

Hereford ARS Members results:
HARS members results 144MHz UKAC Feb 2017
Hereford ARS standing in local club section:
Local club standings 144MHz UKAC Feb 2017