Ultralight seat for portable operation and SOTA activations

As I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for logging on some portable activations and have it on my knees when operating it means I am sat in a fairly stationary position for longer periods. I was using a foam garden kneeler as they are very light and nice and cheap. But a couple of hours on that and I had to pack up and go home due to a sore butt!

I decided something better was required. From my camping experience I have ditched the OK but lacking foam karrimat style sleep mat in favour of a Thermarest self inflating mattress so I looked for something from that type of seat. They came up with the goods in the form of the a Lite seat:

This is the seat:

But how does it weigh up to a lightweight kneeler?
Here is my kneeler:

And the new comfier seat:
2015-12-25 11.36.56
Only 9 grams heavier. But it packs down quite a bit smaller. This is the tube it came in, which I shall use to pack it, and it is pretty small. Next to a normal sized mug:
packing size
Looking forward to trying it out on my next portable SOTA activation.