VHF locator square collecting map of Europe

This map is intended for collecting worked Maidenhead squares on the VHF bands for people based in Europe. The downloadable PDF is A1 sized but would print A0 size if required. A3 is the smallest realistic size it will print. Being downloadable and printable will enable a map per band to be created for multi band VHF/UHF/SHF enthusiasts. Sporadic E QSOs on 4m and 6m may well be off the map but I can’t cover the everywhere.

This is the area the map covers (preview image-actual map below):
Edit 2020 – Now with added D4!
G1YBB VHF square map Eu
Download the map from the link below, using right click on the link and save to your computer:
G1YBB VHF square map Eu.pdf

NEW: After quite a few people asking same the question I have made this, which is entirely optional: